these summer afternoons are different, because of you.

my life is different, because of you.


Riga, Latvia (by Domantas )


Spare Bike chap.6, part 1

I chose you because even if we were the last two humans alive, there would be no way I would fall in love with you




we were joking about how much these line stickers looked like maki and toudou and so i did this aND I CANT STOP LAUGHING

Anonymous asked:

how would hakone boys react when they meet their girlfriend's best friend that is a very good looking guy?


(ah, the dreaded question (`^´o) )

Fukutomi would feel uneasy at the sight of the attractive young man, and he would wrap his arm around his girlfriend subconsciously. He wouldn’t say anything except nod, a wary glint in his eyes.

Shinkai wouldn’t visibly show any discomfort or jealousy on his face, he’d greet the man normally, feeling his stomach drop as he kept looking at him.

Arakita would most likely get really frustratingly jealous at the sight of him, so he’d roughly tug his girlfriend close to him, yelling his greetings to the man.

Toudou would fake a smile towards the other man and grip his girlfriend’s hand tighter, whispering in her ear so only she could hear, “I’m much prettier.”

Izumida could feel his heart racing a bit faster at the sight of his girlfriend’s friend, feeling inferior almost instantly. He’d politely introduce himself, though he’d have a shaky grip.

Ashikiba, despite how intimidating he seemed to the man, was definitely really scared of him and grasped his girlfriend’s hand a bit tighter, shakily introducing himself.

Kuroda wouldn’t like him the minute his eyes landed on the man, but he’d put up with it and introduce himself through gritted teeth, immediately afterwards suggesting they go to eat somewhere else.

Manami wouldn’t be jealous or angry at the man at all; he’d try to actually get friendly with the guy and get close to him to use him as bait for finding out more about his girlfriend.

Doubashi, feeling jealous wash over him in an instant, would simply blurt out to his girlfriend, “I don’t like this guy,” glaring him down immediately as if to intimate him.

Yuuto wouldn’t mind much for the guy’s looks, since his girlfriend was hugging onto his arm quite tightly. He would smile sweetly at the friend in an almost teasing manner.

Anonymous asked:

Sohoku when they are in love ♥-♥


Makishima would be the most awkward about it; he’d try to talk normally without any problems, but that would backfire completely as the moment he saw them he’d be a stuttering and flustered mess. He wouldn’t want anyone to know he was in love, so he’d try to bottle it up rather than let anyone know; though, that’d mostly backfire since when he thought he finally could get over it, he’d remember their smile and become flustered all over again.

Tadokoro would become really quiet when he’s in love. The feeling is unfamiliar to him, for one, and he didn’t want to act like a silly lovelorn fool because of it. He’d try to act like everything was alright, but when it came to clubs, he’d definitely be lacking for a while. The only one he’d tell would be Makishima, who would try his best to help his friend with the feelings to no avail.

Kinjou would take it the best out of everyone, as he’d make sure his emotions didn’t show too much in his facial expression. He would, whenever he saw the one he loved, feel a smile surface and he’d have to cover his face for a moment to regain posture; he didn’t want to look like a fool in front of that one person, oh no. He would never live it down if they ever caught him in such a vulnerable state.

Teshima would go about it normally – he’d talk to them as if nothing had changed, he’d talk to them as much as he usually did – but he’d definitely feel his heart race at the sight of them. He’d even catch himself blushing a little if he spaced out for a long while. Aoyagi would be the first one he tells, and he’d always ramble on about his love more than biking or music.

Aoyagi wouldn’t know what to do with himself if he was in love. He’d definitely keep his mouth shut, keep to himself and avoid them whenever he saw them (because he didn’t want them to see his bright red face), and he’d start doing better in club activities as he needed something to take his mind off of it. He’d try not to tell anyone, but leave hints at it towards Teshima, since he didn’t want to full-on tell him.

Onoda would be the stereotypical guy in love; he’d always write their name in his notebooks, he’d catch himself mumbling their name when he spaces out, and they’d be the only thing on his mind – they’d overpower his priorities and come out on top of anime, even(!). Everyone would notice and definitely ask him about his love, and that’s when he’d start being flustered and stutter over his words, as he didn’t want them to know or tease him about it.

Imaizumi would try to push the feelings away, but whenever he saw the one he loved, he wouldn’t be able to focus on anything except them for the time being. His grades would, ultimately, end up dropping because of it, but every time he tries to focus, he’d end up hiding his face as it had grown red just from thinking of the person or hearing their name.

Naruko would be an even bigger ball of energy and excitement when he’s found out he’s actually in love. He wouldn’t announce it to the world, but when told his performance that day was better than usual, he’d probably hint at it discretely like, “Oh, it was no big deal. Something great’s happened to me lately. Must be something in the air.”

Sugimoto would be the one who wants to talk about his crush all the time to the team, even if he gets told to shut up a lot. He’d be really head over heels in love, and he wouldn’t know what to do with himself otherwise. He’d end up talking to Imaizumi (who wouldn’t really care, but he’d feel happy for him) or his little brother more than everyone else to relieve his experience on someone.

Kaburagi would be really stiff all the time, since he didn’t know the exact way to word how he felt or how to go about dealing with it. He’d be lacking in his studies and he’d be slowing down a lot in practice, all because he couldn’t focus properly. He wouldn’t blame it on the one he loved, though, because he knew the issue was with his inability to focus on anything because of the feelings he felt. He’d definitely be really shy around them and would be really quiet, as he didn’t want to make a fool out of himself.